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Masters thesis

Here we list the projects available right now. Come and talk to us if you are interested in doing your Master's thesis! We will do our best to figure out a good project for you!

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Available Master Thesis project

A master thesis project is now open on spectroscopy focusing on high sensitivity. For more information, see the project description. Contact persons: Elias KristenssonAndreas Ehn.

Master projects

The Applied Molecular Spectroscopy and Remote Sensing group have two available Master projects. If you are interested, please contact Mikkel Brydegaard or Joakim Bood.  

Active and passive thermal infrared ornithology

Laser based inelastic sounding of oscillating organisms in aquatic ecology

Masters project

The group working with soot diagnostics has currently a master thesis project. See full description here. For more information contact Per-Erik Bengtsson.

Masters projects

Following master thesis Projects are available within chemical kinetics:

See project description peak detection here.
See Project description partial mechanism here.

Contact persons: Christoffer Pichler and Dr. Elna Heimdal Nilsson

Contact person

Per-Erik Bengtsson