Combustion Physics

Lund University

Picosecond diagnostics

Andreas Ehn, Billy Kaldvee, Joakim Bood and Marcus Aldén

Kontaktperson: Joakim Bood

Using picosecond (10-12 sec) laser pulses allows measurements with very high temporal resolution. Temporal resolution in the picosecond domain is for example necessary to study molecular dynamics, such as collisional, energy transfer, and photochemical processes. Detailed understanding of such processes is important because they affect quantitative application of many laser diagnostic techniques. For example fluorescence efficiency (quantum yield) can be determined by measuring the lifetime of the fluorescence signal. Presently, we are however focussing on development of pico-second diagnostics for direct applications in engines and full-scale power plants. For this challenging task two diagnostic concepts are under development, namely picosecond light detection and ranging (ps-LIDAR) and picosecond laser-induced fluorescence (ps-LIF) with temporal filtering.

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