Measurement methods

We are developing a number of different techniques for combustion and cold flow diagnostics. Many of the techniques are laser-based, and provides high temporal and spatial resolution.

The high temporal resolution is obtained by using pulsed laser sources. The most common of our laser systems is the Nd:YAG laser with pulse durations of about 10 nanoseconds. We also have laser systems in the picosecond range (modelocked Nd:YAG-laser) and femtosecond range (Titan-Saphire laser).

The high spatial resolution is obtained by creating very thin laser beams (down to around 50 µm). In order to obtain imaging measurements the laser beam is shaped into a thin and wide sheet illuminating a thin section of the target (see Fig. 1) combined with an intensified CCD camera. Here the spatial resolution is determined by the thickness of the laser sheet and the resolution of the imaging optics and the camera.

The detected signals are not only studied spatially, but also spectrally in order to detect which species are present in the measurement volume.

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