Alexander Konnov

Phone: +46 46 46 222 97 57
Room: E426

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Alexander is since 2009 professor at the Division of Combustion Physics. His main scientific background is in experimental investigation and modeling of NOx and other pollutants formation in industrial flames, as well as in development and validation of detailed reaction mechanisms for combustion modeling.


Alexander has got his M.Sc. degree in Physics at Moscow Physical-Technical Institute in 1981 and his PhD in Physics and Mathematics at the Institute of Chemical Physics, USSR Academy of Sciences in 1985. Since then he worked in Kazakhstan, France, Belgium and Netherlands.  His scientific activities cover fundamental research in combustion of conventional fuels and of bio-fuels (bio-mass, syngas, etc.), dynamics of laminar flames, development of predictive models for NOx and other pollutants formation based on detailed reaction mechanisms.

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